Priority of Service

Agri-Business Child Development is required to maintain service priorities.

The priority of services is as follows:

  • First : Migrant Head Start eligible children, MSHS;
  • Second: Seasonal Head Start eligible children, MSHS (Families whose income falls within the Federal Poverty Guidelines that work in agriculture, but do not migrate);
  • Third: State Farm Workers, SFW (Families whose income falls within the Federal Poverty Guidelines that work in agriculture, but do not migrate and that do not qualify as Seasonal);
  • Fourth: Local Agricultural Workers, LAWS (Families whose income falls outside the Federal Poverty Guidelines that work in agriculture and agricultural related occupations);
  • Fifth: Department of Social Services, DSS (Working families whose child care is funded by the Department of Social Services);
  • Sixth: Community Children, Community (Families from the surrounding community who pay community rates for services); and,
  • Seventh: Staff, Staff (Staff children enrolled in the program).

We will always try to serve all eligible children and families, however, if classrooms are full and migrant and/or seasonal families come into the area and need child care services, we are required to withdraw children in the following order: 1) Staff Children, 2) Community Children, 3) DSS Funded Children, 4) Local Agricultural Worker Children, and 5) State Farm Worker Children to provide services to Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Children. This means that your child could be displaced from the center with short notice. If this happens we will make every effort to set up an alternative placement for your child in a licensed child care facility in the area.


For all programs, each center utilizes a system of points, in accordance with the Head Start Performance Standards, to ensure that the neediest of the eligible families receive services.

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